The Covid19 crisis needs to be a wake up call for the financial sector

The Covid19 crisis is a visceral reminder that “we cannot live only for ourselves”, that the bonds of family, friendship and community are what make life possible, and meaningful.

Around the world people have come together in support of one another. In the UK for example, a recently created mutual…

How a curmudgeonly worldview can be useful in the rambunctious world of technology

Image: Jesussanz/Getty

I am a conservative. Not a Donald Trump supporter or a wild-eyed neo-con or a Thatcherite ideologue, but the old-fashioned kind—the kind whose attitudes can actually be discerned from the word “conservative.”

I am also a tech entrepreneur.

On first appearances, it is a rather incongruous marriage. Tech entrepreneurs are…

Comey, James, A Higher Loyalty, Truth, Lies and Leadership — Macmillan; Main Market edition

A Higher Loyalty, Truth, Lies and Leadership, by James Comey is a dull book, by a strait-laced man who has been involved in some truly extraordinary events.

Written in the repetitive, grade ten English that is…

Tarig Hilal

A few is enough for me; so is one, so is none.

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