Carnegie, Dale -Publishers — Simon and Schuster, New York, copy right 1936

How to Win Friends and Influence people is a phenomenon of the self help genre. Study its lessons if you want to influence people, the damn stuff works — but in God’s name, please don’t use it as advice on how to make friends or, heaven forbid, as guidance for anything beyond the narrowly professional.

The Covid19 crisis needs to be a wake up call for the financial sector

The Covid19 crisis is a visceral reminder that “we cannot live only for ourselves”, that the bonds of family, friendship and community are what make life possible, and meaningful.

Seven Lessons from the private beta of Moja, a mobile app that enables family and friends to pool money simply, affordably and transparently.

Tarig Hilal, Gerard Mc Hugh, Will Gurney

Business plans are unfashionable these days but writing one can help you turn your ideas into reality

Business plans are unfashionable these days. Investors want to be sold on your company quickly and business plans lack the brevity and simplicity and, visual panache of a Pitch-Deck. They are hard to write, and time consuming to read.

1. Clarifying your thinking

12 Lessons from our experience as non technical founders of a tech company

By Tarig Hilal and Gerard McHugh

How exclusion can drive innovation

Innovation has become synonymous with big tech and big cities and big money. Companies like Google, Tesla, Amazon and Facebook, cluster around a small number of metropolises, investing billions of dollars in innovation, tales of their derring do and engineering genius weaving their way into the fabric of our popular imagination.

Before there was Lyft there was Zimride. Established by Lyft Co Founders John Zimmer and Logan Green in 2007, Zimride was an early and successful foray into the business of ride-sharing. Sold to Enterprise Holdings in July 2013 for an undisclosed sum, it allowed co-workers and students to car pool to the same destination. The company is still in operation today and claims to be the largest closed network web-based ride-matching and carpooling service in North America.

How a curmudgeonly worldview can be useful in the rambunctious world of technology

Image: Jesussanz/Getty

I am a conservative. Not a Donald Trump supporter or a wild-eyed neo-con or a Thatcherite ideologue, but the old-fashioned kind—the kind whose attitudes can actually be discerned from the word “conservative.”

Six key insights from aidx paper 1

Tarig Hilal & Gerard McHugh

Comey, James, A Higher Loyalty, Truth, Lies and Leadership — Macmillan; Main Market edition

A Higher Loyalty, Truth, Lies and Leadership, by James Comey is a dull book, by a strait-laced man who has been involved in some truly extraordinary events.

Tarig Hilal

A few is enough for me; so is one, so is none.

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